Broker Services

Commercial Loan Brokering

We provide training packages, product and services developed specifically for Commercial Brokers. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional we have a training products and experts available. Below are a few of our Broker Services.

Commercial Loan Brokering

This is our traditional loan brokering service for professional Loan Brokers, And Consultants.With this service, you can earn .25% to 50% of the fees we earn for securing financing for your clients.The amount you earn is based on the level of your involvement in the transaction.For simple referrals we pay .25%. We will contact the borrower, push the paper, secure the financing and connect the  Borrower with the Lender. You only have to provide us with the contact information. We will do all the follow work.Level 1: .25%  Level 2: .50%​Register for our brokering programs here

Lender Introduction And Vetting Services

With this service, we enter your data into our database. If we locate any qualified lenders, we will confirm their interest in your type of project and conduct an initial vetting process. Next, we will notify you of our results  and provide you with 2 options.A. Provide you with the all the information and you contact the Lenders directly.B. We can formally introduce you to the Lenders via a conference call.At this point, you will work directly with the lender.The benefit of this service is you don’t have to split your fees and you can negotiate directly for yourself.What really makes this service cool is, it’s absolutely FREE to begin.Simply enter your project data to begin.Rates: $175.00 – $275.00  complete the form below to begin!